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What is Scholarships for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Academic and Social STEM Excellence for Transfer Students?

Scholarships for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Academic and Social STEM Excellence for Transfer Students (S-STEM ASSETS) is a program for transfer students who have economic need, have completed an Associate's degree (or have a minimum of 48 credits), and have been accepted into a STEM major. The goal of the program is to help students transition from a community college to a Research 1 public university. The design of the S-STEM ASSETS program is informed by many years of working with transfer students and their observations about how they could best be served through the challenges they faced integrating into the University. S-STEM ASSETS has three components: academic, social, and career.

S-STEM ASSETS is funded by the National Science Foundation (DUE-1643671) and is administered by the Department of Technology and Society in partnership with the University’s Career Center, Office of Enrollment and Retention Management, and Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness.



S-STEM ASSETS provides up to two years of scholarship support to students accepted into the program. The scholarship is broken down in the following manner: $500 for the the boot camp, $2,000 for the first year of study, and $2,800 for the second year of study.  



Academic Component

Student begin the ASSETS program with a math immersion boot camp prior to their first semester at Stony Brook. The two-week boot camp includes extensive classroom time to strengthen mathematical skills, study skills, and knowledge of campus resources. Students will practice critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication through a math course to improve mathematical literacy. Through academic success workshops, students will practice time management, research, and study skills. Overall, this program will address the academic and social transition points typically of concern for community college transfer students to help them succeed in their STEM degree.

The boot camp is two-tiered in that we have discovered that students enter with varying degrees of understanding and preparation to study mathematics. A one size fits all approach is untenable and we have designed the program to accommodate students whose preparation has ranged from introduction to calculus to linear algebra.





Social Component

S-STEM ASSETS students are part of a small community that provides social support and assists the students transitioning into the Stony Brook community. During the boot camp, students participate in  team building exercises,  local field trips, and campus tours that serve to familiarize them with campus and the variety of student services available to them. The most popular community building event is the kayak trip on the Nisseqogue River.  Semesterly socials and meetings will help students build relationships with other program members and peers.  The program promotes on campus events, workshops, university traditions, student organzations, and methods to get engaged with the community. 


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Career Component

The career component will provide students with opportunies to increase career knowledge, develop professional skills, and build networks. The goal of this component is to ensure students are prepared to compete for industry internships, research opportunities, graduate programs, and full time employment.

Students will have access to  CAR 210: Career Planning, a 1 credit course open exclusively for ASSETS students during the spring semester. This course is designed to help individuals improve self-knowledge, improve industry knowledge, apply for internships, and be ready to present themselves as highly capable and qualified candidates. Students will learn how to develop and represent their brand on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, internship applications, in networking situations, and interviews. 

The Career Center hosts job and internship fairs every semester to connect STEM students with industry opportunities, as well as on campus recruitment programs with companies.  Students will have access to Career Center resources such as career development workshops, career coaching, and customized communications.


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Consideration for the Program




Academic Eligibility

This program application process is competitive. This scholarship is only available to full-time undergraduate students who have completed an associate’s degree, meet financial eligibility and are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

To be considered for this scholarship program, the following requirements are necessary:

Financial Eligibility

Students must demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the scholarship program. Each year, financial eligibility will be determined by the individual student’s Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA).


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Accepted Students & Continued Eligibility

Accepted students sign a contract specifying that they understand and will abide by program’s policies regarding cum GPA, enrollment status, judiciary actions and responding to data requests.

Requirements for continued eligibility include:

  • Maintain academic eligibility & progress in their STEM major
  • Full time status
  • Cum GPA 2.80
  • Involvement in ASSETS Program activities