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Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Jungsoo Ahn

Jungsoo Ahn’s research focuses on the critical role of firm categorization in influencing investor evaluations and guiding their investment decisions, particularly within the corporate venture capital (CVC) landscape of fintech and blockchain startup crowdfunding. His work has been published in esteemed journals and books, such as the Journal of International Business Studies and the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. His work has been recognized with numerous best paper awards from respected institutions, including the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society.

Richard Chan

Richard Chan’s research domain is broadly situated at the intersection of psychology, entrepreneurship, and strategic decisions. Specifically, he investigates how actors' cognitive processes, shaped by individual differences and altered by social and ambient environments, influence the identification/creation and evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities and earnings forecast decisions. His work has appeared in the Journal of Business Venturing and Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Management.

James Henry Dunne

James Henry Dunne’s research has provided a foundation for business entrepreneurs to apply results and observations to their day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning.  His interest in providing this foundation stems from his own experience confronting the challenges of both operating and counseling businesses and the realization that support and guidance from valid external sources is an essential component to operational decision-making and long-term strategic success.  His added focus on strategic decision making based on governmental policy that may adversely impact business operations is also a focus of his work.  

His published scholarly activities have been beneficial to the field of management, strategy, and entrepreneurship, because they have helped those in operations apply valid quantitative and qualitative results to strategic decisions to best guide their organizations.  Most recently, James has published and presented on several risk management and tax/regulatory topics pertaining to the small business entrepreneur and recommendations on how they should respond to the ever-evolving business landscape.

His recent peer-reviewed scholarly publication has included other topics germane to strategy and entrepreneurship:

  • "Case Study: Impact of regulatory restrictions and tax policy on breakeven and risk management" (ABDC “B” journal);

  • "Green Supply Chain Management: A theoretical framework and research directions" (ABDC “A” journal);

  • "Mitigating Risk Amidst Catastrophic Events: A focus on shareholder and operating agreements" (25% accept rate / double blind peer review);

  • "Risk Management and Covid-19: Business resiliency recommendations" (ABDC “C” journal).

Additional recent scholarly activity has included academic conference presentations, professional publications, and professional conference presentations related to the following topics relevant to strategy and entrepreneurship:

  • New York State license and permit regulatory compliance in food and beverage industries;
  • ADA requirements pertaining to business website design;
  • Case Study on Main Street retailer response to Covid-19 related government restrictions on operations;
  • Legal and customer service implications of refusing to serve a guest based on differing views;
  • The impact of atmospherics on consumer behavior, purchasing and time spent in retail and service environments;
  • Ways for businesses to eliminate sexual harassment in their workplace;
  • NYS Department of Labor Wage & Hour compliance.

Gerrit Wolf

Gerrit Wolf's research interests focus on Innovation and Cooperation.  Innovation includes product or service design, choice, commitment, and implementation by startups and firms.  Cooperation within and between teams includes leadership, and intergroup competition using gaming.