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Previous Events 

2/05/19: 1:00pm @ Wang Theater by Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP 

2/13/19: 2:30pm @ Wang, Lecture Hall 1 by Michael Loeb and Bonin Bough

3/01/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Steve Skiena – Teaching Professor in Computer Science & Director of Stony Brook Institute for AI-Driven Discovery and Innovation 

3/08/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Chris Sellers – Professor of History & Director of Center for the Study of Inequalities, Social Justice, and Policy

3/15/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Dan Goldstein – Principal Researcher & Assistant Managing Director Microsoft Research

3/26/19: 5:30pm-6:50pm @ Harriman Hall Room 108 by Mr. David Marcus, Chief Investment Officer at Stony Brook Foundation

3/28/19: 6:00pm @ Wang Center Theater by  Dawn Zier, Stony Brook alumna and CEO of Nutri System 

4/4/19: 1pm-2:15pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Ying Wu – Assistnat Professor of Finance, Stevens Institute of Technology

4/5/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Andrew Schwartz – Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Director of Human Language Analysis Beings  

4/12/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Jiyin Cao – Assistant Professor in College of Business, Stony Brook University

4/12/19: 1pm-2:15pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Shan Ge – Assistant Professor of Finance NYU Stern

4/24/19: 7:00pm-9:30pm @ Frey Hall 201 by Sandeep Dhawan, IT Director of Mobileistic

4/25/19: 1pm-2pm @ Harriman Hall Room 202 by Dr. Danling Jiang – Professor in College of Business, Stony Brook University

4/30/19:  5:30pm @ Harriman Hall Room  108 & 7:00 @ Harriman Hall Room 104 by BitMart & GXChain on Blockchain & Digital Assets

5/3/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall 304 by Dr. Jamie Macdonald – Postdoctoral Associates of SPICE Lab

5/18/19: 1pm-2pm @ Harriman Hall 304 by Dr. Jiasun Li  Assistant Professor of Finance, George Mason University 

09/16/19, 7pm-8pm,  @ Harmony Vineyards by Prof. Richard Chan, Associate Professor of Management, College of Business, Stony Brook University

09/19/19, 2pm-3:15pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof. Kiseob Lee –  Associate professor, Purdue university

10/03/19, 1pm-2:30pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof. Matthew Wynter –  Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Illinois at Chicago

10/11/19, 1pm-3pm @ Harriman  304 by Mr. Brian Facquet, Stony Brook University Alumnus & Entrepreneur

10/31/19, 2pm-3:30pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof. Stanislav Uryasev – Frey Chair of Quantitative Finance, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Stony Brook University

10/08/19, 11am – 12pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof. Richard Chan, Associate professor, College of Business, Stony Brook University

11/06/19, 6pm @Wang Center Theater, Wolfie Tank

11/15/19, 11am – 12pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof. Jingyuan Yang, Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management at George Mason University School of Business

11/22/19, 1pm-2:30pm @ Harriman 304 by  Prof. Stoyan Stoyanov, Research Professor of Finance, College of Business, Stony Brook University

11/25/19, 11am-12pm @ Wang Center Theater by Mayor Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama

2/06/20: 8am-10am @ Wang Theater by Luke Tilley and Rhea Thomas on  2020 Capital Markets Forecast

2/28/20: 11am-12:30pm @ Harriman 304 by Dr. Dan Eshleman, Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Business, on " Do Seasoned Industry Specialists Provide Higher Audit Quality? A Re-examination"

2/28/20: Ruoxuan Xiong, @ Math Tower, Room 1-122A, Stanford University, on " Large Dimensional Latent Factor Modeling with Missing Observations and Applications to Causal Inference"

3/04/20: 1pm-2pm @ Harriman 304 by Siyu Yu, NYU Stern on "Knowing Where Others Stand: Accuracy and Performance Effects of Individuals’ Perceived Status Hierarchies"

3/13/20: 11am - 12:30pm @  Harriman 304 by Dr. Zhifeng Yang, Associate Professor of Accounting, Stony Brook University on "Proximity, Internal Governance, and Workplace Safety" 

4/17/20: 4pm-5pm by Ed Texitera, FranchiseGrade COO, on Franchising Strategies in This Pandemic

 5/15/20: 4pm-5pm by Antonia Savaria of Atlantia Advisers on How Blockchain Firms Survive and Thrive in this Pandemic

9/15/20 - Restaurant/Food Manufacturing 

9/17/20 - Construction/Home Improvement   

9/22/20 - Issues with Seasonal Business Management

9/24/20 -Cash Flow and Inventory Management 

10/6/20 - Social Media Marketing  

03/12/21: 11:00am "A Theory of FinTech" by Professor Steven Kou, Questrom Professor in Management/Professor in Finance, Boston Uninversity 

Abstract: In this talk I will give a brief overview of current academic research on Fintech by using tools from mathematics and statistics. The topics to be discussed include: (1) Designing stable coins: how to design stable cryptocurrency by using option pricing theory. (2) P2P equity financing: how to design contracts suitable for a P2P equity financing platform with information asymmetry. (3) Data privacy preservation: how to do econometrics based on the encrypted data while still preserving privacy. (4) The wisdom of the crowd and prediction markets: how to use the collective opinion of a group to make predictions. All the above 4 topics are based on my recent papers.

04/26/21: 12:00pm "Fintech Innovation Series, Entrepreneurship in Crypto and Decentralized Finance" by Professor Danling Jiang, Stani Kulechov, Professor Aaron Wright, and Maria Filipakis (Video)

04/30/21: 4:00pm "Beyond Venture Capital: Accelerators & Crowdfunding" by Gwen Cheni of IndieBio & Patrick Hurd of MedStartr Ventures (Click here to register)

11/03/21:  6:30pm @ Wang Center  WolfieTank   

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