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We are actively seeking student volunteers to work with us creating knowledge and helping startups and businesses in the area of entrepreneurial finance and blockchain business applications. These are volunteering position, thus non-paid. However, working with us, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of research and/or industry projects. Volunteers may be responsible in recruiting and communicating with study participants in either lab or field settings, administrating study sessions; coding data; providing feedback on research/business ideas; conducting industry projects to help startups and businesses, as well as other tasks needed. We also hold workshops to train specific skills in research design, writing, and data analysis. We accept students from all background.


  1. Interest to be involved with Center of Entrepreneurial Finance (CEF), Blockchain Business Lab (BBL), and/or Trading and Investing Lab (TIL)
  2. Conscientious and responsible team player, and attention to detail
  3. Able to devote 5 ~ 10 hours per week
  4. Commitment to work at least 2 consecutive semesters

To request more information, please contact us via email ( ). 

To apply for a RA position, please fill out the form below: