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Tomi Teikko
Founder & Advisor
Tieto Corporation

Tomi Teikko is a digital futurist and an entrepreneur from Finland. He has a skill for explaining in layman’s terms the impact that technology and science will have on our daily life. He has led application development projects, teams and business units for over 25 years, creating digital consumer services for banks, retail stores, forest companies, manufacturing industry and media corporations generating billions of euros to my customers. 15 years ago he started as an employee at Tieto Corporation, a leading Nordic software and services company. He has worked with global companies in manufacturing, forest, retail, banking, insurance and public sector creating digital services generating billions of euros to his customers.


Empathic Reality (ER) - Human-Centric Content in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Digital twin is a hype, but do we really know how to enable the best possible end-user experience? How to ensure human-centric content to virtual and augmented reality. Tomi will give practical examples of how to use humans to enable real smart building experience.