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Thank you for your interest in Technology & Society. Please reach out to the people listed here with any issue or suggestion. We are happy to help you. Undergraduate or Graduate Course-related questions are best addressed directly to the Undergraduate or Graduate Program Directors and Advisors.

Dr. Klaus Mueller
Interim Department Chair
1209 Computer Science
(631) 632-7924

Dr. Thomas Woodson
Graduate Program Director
1412 Computer Science
(631) 632-9974

Dr. Kevin M. Moriarity 
Undergraduate Program Director
1423 Computer Science
(631) 632-1898

Rita Reagan Redko
Assistant to the Chair
Undergraduate Program Administrator and Advisor 
1425 Computer Science
(631) 632-1057

Marypat Taveras
Graduate Program Administrator and Advisor
1426 Computer Science
(631) 632-8762
Fax: (631) 632-7809