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Edwin Tjoe

Ed. D., St. John's University Edwin Tjoe

Educational administration and instructional leadership

Courses Offered:

EST 201 - Technological Trends in Society

Dr. Edwin Tjoe is a lecturer at Stony Brook University and is the Assistant Dean of Data Management & eLearning in the School of Education at St. John’s University, NY. His research and teaching focus on the preparation of forward-thinking leaders in college and university settings. His dedication to the promotion of education is seen through his academic service in programs enhancing community partnerships. He served on the Technological Strategic Planning Committee for the Diocese of Brooklyn, NY from 2012-2016. That committee determined how to inform and equip our school administrators, teaching staff and students to take best advantage of technology and information as they continue to evolve. Dr. Tjoe has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at St. John's University since 2006 and has also lectures at Stony Brook University since 2005. Over the past 14 years teaching he has taught over 16,321 students. Dr. Tjoe was also a member of the SUNY FACT Committee that developed the 2014 CIT that focused on connection strategies to move higher education forward using assessment strategies and learning analytics as a key way of understanding the effectiveness of learning and to the changing learning environments. He has also worked with over 30 doctoral students as a committee member for their dissertations. He is an inspired leader, working to ensure there is understanding and respect between all people by recognizes diversity as a central component in achieving desired student/teacher/administrative learning outcomes, and it puts diversity and inclusion efforts at the center of its decision-making. His devotion can is articulated by his support of the university at large.