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Fred Y. Phillips

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin fred phillip

Business Administration; Mathematics

Dr. Fred Philips is currently a Professor at University of New Mexico, and Visiting Scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. He is  the 2017 winner of the Kondratieff Medal, awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is a Fellow of PICMET, the Portland International Conferences on Management of Engineering & Technology.

Earlier, Fred was Distinguished Professor at Yuan Ze University Professor in Taiwan; Program Chair at SBU/DTS; Vice Provost for Research at Alliant International University; Associate Dean at Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands); and Dean of Management at Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology.

In the USA and overseas, he has been a leader in developing graduate management curricula for employees of international and high-tech companies. His contributions in operations research include "Phillips' Law" of longitudinal sampling, and the first parallel computing experiments with Data Envelopment Analysis. He has won several awards for outstanding research.

Dr. Phillips is Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier’s international journal   Technological Forecasting & Social Change, one of the top three journals in the technology management field. His most recent book is   What About the Future?   (Springer 2019). 

Dr. Phillips has been a consultant to such organizations as  Intel, Texas Instruments, and Frito-Lay Inc.,  and  has consulted worldwide on technology based regional development. Through his consulting firm, General Informatics LLC, he and his team have worked on projects for World Bank, UNESCO, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Fred is a founder of the Austin Technology Council, and was also a Board member for the Software Association of Oregon. He is a popular op-ed columnist and speaker in forums dealing with trends in management, technology, higher education, and economic development.

He is a popular teacher of aikido, holding 6th dan rank at World Aikikai Honbu.