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CentriSeed Innovations



CentriSeed Innovations is a student run organization that aims to use students experience in project management, research, and entrepreneurship to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to communities locally and abroad, while simultaneously providing a rich practical learning experience for students.

Projects are community-driven and address the basic needs of developing and developed environments.CentriSeed is a collaborative effort of CSTEP and CentriSeed Innovations.  This is both a club and an internship. Students in all majors are welcome as work is done in interdisciplinary teams.

Current Projects 

Energy to Lead:  Create clean energy projects that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Nobel Hall Sustainable Garden:  The objective of this project etam is to design and build a community garden.

Research Initiatives: Students dedicate to researching a variety of different causes and assist with research for current and future projects.

Waste Reduction:  This project aims to reduce plastic waste at SBU by limited plastic tableware, bags,and water bottles.  This includes implementing alternative, revitalization the composting system, and researching biodegradable bags.

SolarCom:  The object of this project is to design a solar powered cell phone charging station that can be used all communities including developing countries where resources are limited.