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The Humanology Project (THP)



The Humanology Project (THP), founded by WISE student Neha Kinariwalla is dedicated to the reduction of stigma surrounding mental and neurological illness.

Founded in 2013, the project sought to fill a gap in existing mental health advocacy by providing a platform of communication of science and narratives for patients and caregivers alike. The dissemination of scientific research pertaining to mental health serves as a vehicle for normalizing mental health in the media. 

Student Involvement

Blogs are written by a team of interdisciplinary writers.  The addition of the Share Your Story” component lent itself to additional student involvement. Students interview volunteers and share their stories on the website.

  • Student illness specialist
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Webmaster
  • Marketing
  • Student Translators

Faculty Involvement

Sociology, WISE and the Writing Departments at SBU.  Faculty served to edit materials, present relevant topics and assist with writing the curriculum.

For more infomation go to their website or take a look at pathos short films