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Research Opportunities


How to find research?

  1. Look online to find faculty that are doing research you are interested in.  READ up on their research.
  2. Go to your universities Career Center, look at departments websites for listings of internships and research opportunities.  Meet with CSTEP staff and ask for help.
  3. Contact the researcher and explain your interested in helping them with their research.
  4. Practice your script and interview skills
  5. Ask for an appointment, that is convenient for them to meet and discuss.
  6. Dress professionally for the interview, and bring a list of references, including their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. 
  7. Come prepared with at least 2 questions to ask the person interviewing you.
  8. Send a handwritten thank you note after the interview. 

Pathways to Research

Entering Research Workshop: The biology department offers a workshop every semester that introduces students to faculty and explains pathways to research.

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI): A national program funded by the NSF which gives research experiences in the areas of chemisty, physics, engineering, biology, applied math and energy. Located at National Laboratories

  • For more information take a look at the Department of ENERGY Office of Science website.

 iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines): Student=-led research competition involving a summer project in the field of synthetic biology. 

IMSD-MERGE: NIH-funded program for students planning to go to graduate school. Provides summer support prior to junior and senior years, financial support, and career devolpment opportunities year round. 

INSPIRE (Include New Students through Peer Introduction to Research Experience): For first-year students.

Visit lab weekly to observe culture of a research lab and the acitivities of a student researcher. 

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU's): See here 

The possibilities are endless...

  • If an  opportunity does not work out,  do not be discouraged! Some faculty are only looking for upper division students, or they have no need for a student to work with them.  Most are open to interested students. 
  • Ask them if they think you should work on any particular skills.
  • Continue your search….. Have a growth mindset.

Thoughts to take with you today...

  • Be open minded and flexible
  • If you have an idea consider creating your own internship
  • Choose your path in a meaningful and purposeful way!