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SnappyXO™ has partnered with Riverhead Central School District, the School of Health Technology and Management, Stony Brook Faculty member, Professor Anurag Purwar, and the SnappyXO Student BuildDepartment of Technology and Society to pilot a remote learning engineering themed program.  

The program encourages the introduction of STEM concepts to students in grades 3-6, in a thoughtful, creative and hands-on approach. The program's goal is to expand the thought process of young minds and introduce new ways of approaching a real-world problem and solving it. Students are taught lesson plans which align SnappyXO Student Buildwith their invention kits (SnappyXO™), allowing them to build along with their teachers.  
The kits include all materials needed to go through the lesson plans and build different inventions to apply to their everyday lives. Students are also given situational prompts that encourage them to expand the way they think and come up with a solution to solve the problem in the prompt, allowing them to understand why they build what they build. SnappyXO™ provides an authentic engineering experience that is simple in comparison to other building materials for kids. With the guidance of the SBU team, which included undergraduate volunteers and Riverhead CSD teachers, the students learned about and explored the world of STEM through an engineer's lense.


 Here are more examples of the students' inventions...

Student Build Examples        


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