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Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

CSTEP Greenhouse Students Summer 19

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The STEP program is a New York State Education department effort which began in 1986 to encourage and prepare more underrepresented minority and low-income secondary school students for entry into scientific, technical, health and health-related professions, including many areas where licensure is required. It serves about 200 local students each year.The program at Stony Brook offers enrichment experiences through the exposure to the University’s rich academic resources.

Selection Criteria:

  • New York State resident
  • Member of defined ethnic minority or student who meets the economic criteria
  • Student who shows academic record or potential for college-level study

Academic enrichment, tutoring, supportive counseling, laboratory experiences and opportunities to explore scientific research are offered to students in grades 9-12 through:

  • A network of STEP clubs and advisors and participating schools
  • A residential summer program at the campus and fall and spring programs for:

- Lab exploration in marine & health sciences, geosciences, anatomy, computer science & engineering
- SAT preparation
- College-credit courses
- Internships
- Mentoring

  • The Parent Advisory Council- a support and advocacy group