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Minor in Technological Systems Management (TSM)

All students must complete six or more EST courses (minimum 18 credits) with a g.p.a. of 2.50 or higher.    No grade less than C may be used to meet the requirements for the minor.  EST courses counted towards the requirements for a student's major may not be counted towards the EST minor requirements.  

EST 204   Modern Digital Tech Infrastructure (fall)
EST 205   Introduction to Tech Design (fall-online, spring-online, summer-online)
EST 207   Interaction Design (spring)
EST 304   Communication for Engineers and Scientists (spring)
EST 305   Applications Software for Information Management (spring, summer-online)
EST 320   Communication Technological Systems (all semesters online)
EST 325   Technology in the Workplace (all semesters online)
EST 326   Management for Engineers (fall)
EST 327   Marketing for Engineers (spring)
EST 391   Technology Assessment (fall, winter/summer-online)
EST 392  Engineering Economics (fall, spring, summer-online)
EST 393   Project Management (spring, summer)

Additional classes may be used for the minor with the permission of the TSM advisor.