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F-1 Student

Being in F-1 student status means your primary purpose for being in the U.S. is to study.  Most international students at SBU are in this status, as it is designated to facilitate study toward a specific educational objective.  F-1 students will receive a Stony Brook issued Form I-20 once we receive the required admission, biographical, and financial documentation.


To be eligible for F-1 status, you must be admitted to or enrolled in a full-time degree or non-degree program, and provide sufficient financial support which meets or exceeds the first year's estimated educational and living expenses for your degree program.

Length of Permitted Stay

As a student in F-1 status, you are admitted to the U.S. for “D/S” (duration of status)—this allows you to stay until the program end date reflected on your Form I-20, as long as you enroll and complete a full course of study each required term, maintain legal status, and have a SEVIS record in good standing.  At the end of your program of study, F-1 status permits a 60-day grace period for you to prepare for departure from the US.


As an international student in F-1 status you are eligible for on-campus employment and approved off-campus employment related to your major field of study, known as “practical training." Qualifying family members may be eligible for F-2 dependent status.