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Language Proficiency Requirements

Effective January 5, 2015, J-1 Regulations require   "sufficient proficiency in the English language,   as determined by an objective measurement of English language proficiency , successfully to participate in his or her program and to function on a day-to-day basis." [22 CFR 62.11(a)(2)]

Regulations require use of one of the following "objective measurements of English language proficiency" to determine an applicant's language proficiency:

  • A recognized English language test (ex. TOEFL, IELTS)
  • A signed letter on university letterhead from a faculty/professor within the English / Foreign Language Department of the academic institution View Sample Letter 
  • A documented interview conducted by the sponsor either in-person or by videoconferencing, or by telephone if videoconferencing is not a viable option.   View Sample Letter  for a sample letter.

As per SBU policy, J-1 Student Interns are required to meet the same language proficiency requirements as all other SBU students. A minimum 80 TOEFL IBT or 7.0 IELTS is required.

See below to review the guidelines for submitting sufficient evidence of English Language proficiency in accessVIS.

Review Guidelines